At St. Germain Cellars, we're enhancing the experience of craft beer, craft spirits and fine wine. Our mission is to share our passion for alcohol education, entertaining, and enjoyment. A little bit about the family:

Jim St. Germain, President. Jim takes a DIY approach to his drinks. He has brewed beer at home for almost thirty years, dabbled in wine and mead, and is currently trying to barrel-age whiskey at home. He enjoys his whiskey: American bourbons and ryes, Irish and Scotch whiskeys, and new American craft distilled whiskeys. Jim is a huge proponent of the craft beer movement and is currently pursuing his Cicerone certification to further educate others on the subject of beer. When he isn't drinking a hoppy IPA or an extraordinary whiskey,  he enjoys a good glass of Pinot Noir, Cabernet or Malbec.

Mary St. Germain, Chief Financial Officer.

Nicole St. Germain, Creative Director. 

Sam Hriljac, Chief Technical Officer.

What we do

You've already found our flagship project, the St. Germain Cellars blog and website. We write about our experiences with our favorite drinks, and drinking in our favorite places. This is where we share our stories, opinions, ideas, and the ideas of others. The St. Germain Cellars blog is our home base. 


Our first off-shoot of St. Germain Cellars is Sommelier Prep School, a wine certification education website. It is a documentation of Nicole's journey through the wine certification process. The site was launched mid-March 2015. 

Sommelier Prep School has the most comprehensive guide to all the wine certifications on the market. There are more sommelier certifications than even we thought, and they all range in price, material, and location. Our goal is to provide future sommeliers with all the information they could need, all in one place, to make the decision about which wine certification is right for them.

 Sommelier Prep School also features wine education material. We develop detailed study guides based on wine reference books, flashcards for memorization subjects, and materials and recommendations to practice tasting. With us, you can learn about wine certifications and wine all in one place. 


Throughout our posts, you may find some affiliate links for products we mention.  If you click on this link and decide to make a purchase, we will receive a very small portion of the sale.  We will never provide an affiliate link to a product we do not fully believe in.  

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