An Interview with Cassi from Crafty Pints

We're very excited to bring on Crafty Pints as our affiliate partner! Crafty Pints is an online beer glass boutique, with limited runs of unique designs. The designs are an awesome way to spice up your glass cabinet. In honor of our affiliate relationship, I interviewed Cassi, the woman behind Crafty Pints!

What was the first beer that made you love craft beer? 
Cassi: I first got into craft beer when Sun King Brewery opened up here in Indianapolis. Before that, I mostly stuck with Guinness and Blue Moon. It was awesome to have a brewery nearby that was developing new and interesting beer flavors. There were a few other breweries in town before that, but none that really got people excited about craft beer. Since then, the craft beer scene has exploded in Indy. I still love my original favorite at Sun King: Wee Mac.

Do you have a 21st birthday story? 
C: My 21st birthday story is pretty typical. I've always been one of the youngest in my group of friends, so when I turned 21, I had a lot of people buying me shots!

What’s your go-to night out drink, beer or otherwise?
C: I like to try new beers whenever I can, so I don't have a go-to drink that I always order. But if the selection is limited, then I go with Fat Tire. Every once in a while, I will mix it up and order RumChata instead of beer!

What do you like to serve to party guests?
C: Usually I will get a few growler fills of something interesting, then have a few cases of something simple like Fat Tire or Blue Moon. A lot of our friends are into craft beer as well, so they bring over their latest favorites, too. 

What is the best brew in your area?
C: This is so difficult to answer! Like I mentioned, the craft beer scene has really blown up the past few years. We have a ton of awesome beer all over town. One of my favorite breweries is Fountain Square, but there is also a brand new brewery just down the road from my house, Wabash Brewing, that is releasing a lot of great beers, too. 

How did you get started with Crafty Pints
C: I like to drink my beer out of fancy glasses, and I thought other people would too. I'm a graphic designer, and I've always had an interest in art and design. This seemed like it would be a fun project to combine my love of art with love of beer.

How are the designs created? 
C; Each design is created by a different artist. This gives a new perspective for each one, but they are all beer related. As one design sells out, a new one is created and printed. 

What's in the future for Crafty Pints
C: I'm hoping to continue creating more awesome pint glasses and working with talented artists. 

If you visit Crafty Pints using any of the links in this post and on our site, we will get a percentage of the sale. 

Nicole St. Germain is Creative Director of St. Germain Cellars, a craft beer snob, and a wine novice.  Her cocktail of choice is anything with St-Germain liqueur. You can follow her journey to become a sommelier on Sommelier Prep School

Nicole St. Germain

Nicole St. Germain is Creative Director of St. Germain Cellars, a craft beer snob, and a wine novice. Her cocktail of choice is anything with St-Germain liqueur.