Elixr: The Social Drinking App for the Cocktail Enthusiast

Elixr is honestly very similar to Swig. We won’t be making any judgements because we don’t know which was first to market, and the order in which I am reviewing them bears no weight on my opinion. That being said, their theme is also white and orange. Instead of a penguin, they have a little minimalist martini olive. I have to say, I prefer the olive to the penguin. While it’s not cuter, I don’t need cute when I’m logging my drinks, you know? And Elixr’s loading screen is a cocktail shaker, how great is that? 

I don’t find their search as simple as Swig’s. Now I’m not sure if that’s because the database is larger, or it’s more user generated, or what. When I searched for Devil’s Ale (San Tan Brewing, Chandler, AZ) in Elixr, it’s not even in the top 20. On Swig, it was the first option. Maybe they’re taking my location into consideration? Or they’re searching for the complete term together, instead of the terms separately. Either way, Swig’s search was more accurate to what I was looking for. 

Elixr does a have a rating system, very familiar to schoolchildren: you assign your letter grade of A-F. While it is incredibly simple, I think it is also more accurate. I think a little more about what an A drink is that what a 5 star drink is. And honestly, if you look at my Untappd I’ve given like every beer 3 stars. What does that even mean? Even what I have officially declared my favorite beer of all time (Mermaid’s Red by Coronado Brewing—I love you) has 4.5 stars. Why? I feel like I’m saving my 5 stars for really important beer like it’s my wedding china. 

You are not required to share a picture on Elixr, but you can if you want, which I appreciate. Freedom of choice and all that. 

My favorite Elixr feature is the ability to add your bartender. Disclaimer: I haven’t added any bartenders yet. I think this feature is really meant to celebrate the great craft bartender and I just haven’t drank with one yet. And, this feature’s success is dependent on the number of bartenders on Elixr. I love the idea that bartenders can be followed and credited for their creations, like musicians on Myspace.

With all that in mind, I would declare Elixr’s focus on the craft of cocktail creation and the bartender themselves, which is still very different from Untappd and wine apps, and yet also very different from Swig. 

One concern: they have been notably quiet on all social media outlets. No Facebook updates since November, and their last tweet was sent in January. No official word on whether it’s been abandoned, but it is possible there may not be any future support for the app. 

Nicole St. Germain

Nicole St. Germain is Creative Director of St. Germain Cellars, a craft beer snob, and a wine novice. Her cocktail of choice is anything with St-Germain liqueur.