The Ultimate St.GC Guide to Social Drinking Apps

Something equally exciting and disappointing happened to us recently. You may or may not know that we’ve had an idea to build an app for awhile. In fact, this app was the reason we formed St. Germain Cellars. Our blog and side projects morphed from a branding experiment to products we’re ridiculously excited about. But the app was always there. 

We wanted to create an app where all drinkers could come together. We have a very large extended family with a lot of passion for their drinks, especially wine and beer. But in the app world, these consumers are segregated, to only share wine with wine drinkers and beer with beer drinkers. And then there are cocktails, which didn’t have a home at all. We were going to build a platform that combined all of these things, so that our family could finally all use one app.

And then we discovered our brilliant app idea was not only being done, but being done well, and being done by two different companies. 

It was disheartening. And then, it was freeing.

Suddenly this big investment of time, money and energy wasn’t needed. We hadn’t ever left the planning stages, so we weren’t out any capital. We didn’t have any work we had to scrap. In fact, the app that we thought we had to build ourselves, because we couldn’t find it, already existed. Twofold! 

So we’re turning it into something to write about. We’ve been playing with the apps for a couple of weeks now, and we have some opinions. In addition, we’ve got opinions about the popular wine and beer apps. So think of this as your definitive guide to the apps out there. Here’s the honest truth about what we like and what we don’t. And we will continue to update as these apps grow and change, and our experience changes with them. 

App Reviews


Got something to say about any app we mentioned here? Did we forget any awesome alcohol apps? Leave it in the comments! 

Nicole St. Germain

Nicole St. Germain is Creative Director of St. Germain Cellars, a craft beer snob, and a wine novice. Her cocktail of choice is anything with St-Germain liqueur.