Thanks for stopping by Sommelier Prep School. I’m Nicole St. Germain, avid drinker.  My family and I started a little company, St. Germain Cellars, to advance the knowledge of drinkers and enhance the experience of drinking. Sommelier Prep School is one of the ways we are accomplishing this.  SPS will provide free educational materials for anyone who wants to learn to be a sommelier.  Here you will find study guides, videos, notes, everything that we can provide to ensure your success in the wine business.  

Why me?

About a year ago, I found myself wanting to become a sommelier.  I had the desire to be an expert in something important.  I’ve been a beer person since I started drinking, but I was anxious to learn more about wine. Of course I couldn’t just learn about wine, I needed to become an expert. I researched classes and different certifications. The in person classes, the study guides behind a pay wall, and the sitting fee for the exam. Everything is expensive. Everything is exorbitantly expensive! It seems that the justification for the price is “you taste several vintages.”  

Couldn’t they just buy cheaper wine? 

I suppose that sentiment must be offensive to some.  I do apologize; I don’t meant to offend.  I just feel excluded from the target demographic.  If I’m to become a connoisseur, shouldn’t I know about all walks of wine, not just the fancy vintages? 

I believe in accessible sommelier education.  There have got to be people like me, people who are interested in gaining the expertise and the certification without the pretense and the expense.  Of course, the tradition of sommeliers is to be surrounded by those two things, right?  

The curse of knowledge

I should addend all this and say that, I am not yet a sommelier, or a connoisseur, but a student of wine.  I am learning, right along with you, how to become that expert.  My hope is that my learning journey will help you.  In fact, on this journey I will be taking those expensive courses and reporting back.  I will find out what’s worth it and what’s not.  And I will share what I learn with you.  For free!  Or, at least for the cost of your own wine, which I’m sure is already in your budget.  

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